In the airport everyone speaks English, the safety instructions come in  three languages, and the aeroplane food is unnameable in any language…. But an hour or two into your long-haul flight to South America, you need to go to the bathroom and you’re trapped in your window seat by a huge Argentinian family… These phrases will help you make that flight just a little more comfortable.

¿Esto es el asiento D22? = Is this seat D22?

Prefiero la ventanilla / el pasillo. = I prefer the window seat / aisle seat.

¿Qué película pasan? = Which movie are they showing?

Con permiso, ¿puedo pasar? = Excuse me, can I get past?

Creo que ese es mi asiento. = I think that’s my seat.

¿Cómo funciona esto? = How does this work?

¿Cómo se reclina el asiento? = How do you recline the seat?

¿Hay alguien en el baño? = Is there anyone in the bathroom?

Any questions? If you’re not sure about the content of today’s class or have something to add, leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Your questions and comments will help other students too.

Coming up next… Class 2: On the bus | En el ómnibus


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