In Argentina the word for bus is colectivo, in Uruguay it is ómnibus. There are a few differences in the systems too: In Argentina you need the correct change and buy your ticket from an automated machine, whereas in Uruguay you give the money to the driver or conductor who will give you change.

un boleto = a ticket                 la máquina = the machine

el cambio = the change          un asiento = a seat

el conductor = the driver        el cobrador = the conductor

subir = to get on                     bajar = to get off

la parada = the bus stop        el timbre = the bell

¿Cuál ómnibus me sirve para Malvín? = Which bus goes to Malvín?

¿Dónde me tomo el colectivo para Recoleta? = Where do I catch the bus to Recoleta?

¿Dónde bajo para ir al zoológico? = Where do I get off to go to the zoo?

Este colectivo es para Chacarita, ¿verdad? = This bus goes to Chacarita, right?

Permiso = Excuse me (to get past someone)

Disculpe = Excuse me (to get someone’s attention)

¿Quiere sentarse? = Would you like to sit down? (to offer your seat to someone elderly or pregnant).

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