Guide books are great but walking round with a great big map you really stand out as a tourist: with these phrases you can leave the book at the hostel and just ask the locals when you need directions. If you address an older person it’s better to use the formal form usted, and with younger people the informal vos. If in doubt, use usted. But don’t worry, the River Plate people aren’t easily offended and will generally appreciate your effort to speak Spanish.

Disculpe = Excuse me (formal form – usted)

Disculpá = Excuse me (informal form – vos)

¿Cómo llego a Plaza Fabini? = How do I get to Plaza Fabini?

¿Dónde está Plaza Fabini? = Where is Plaza Fabini?

However, more commonly and even easier, the locals tend to just say the name of the place they want to get to, in a questioning intonation:

“Disculpá… ¿Plaza Fabini?”

a la derecha = on the right                         a la izquierda = on the left

una cuadra = a block                                   la próxima calle = the next street

esta calle no, la otra = not this street, the next one

Any questions? If you’re not sure about the content of today’s class or have something to add, leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Your questions and comments will help other students too. Our Spanish immersion programs at La Herradura in Uruguay and Spain teach you an international form of Spanish, but the teachers are all native speakers and will offer guidance on local expressions and words.

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