South America is famous for delicious local dishes, such as the Uruguayan chivito (steak sandwich) or the ubiquitous parilla (barbecue). Here’s how to get the most out of your meal:

Una mesa para dos personas. = A table for two people.

Una mesa afuera / adentro = A table outdoors / indoors.

El menú, por favor. = The menu, please.

¿Cuál es el plato del día? = What is the dish of the day?

No como carne / huevo / nueces. = I don’t eat meat / egg / nuts.

¿Hay comidas vegetarianas? = Are there any vegetarian meals?

¿Se puede pagar con tarjeta? = Can you pay by credit card?

el tenedor = fork                 la cuchilla = knife

la cuchara = spoon             la cucharita = teaspoon

el plato = the plate               ¡Salud! = Cheers!

servicio  no incluido = service charge not included

el IVA (Impuesto de valor agregado) = value-added tax

tenedor libre = all-you-can-eat

Any questions? If you’re not sure about the content of today’s class or have something to add, leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Your questions and comments will help other students too. Our Spanish immersion programs at La Herradura in Uruguay and Spain teach you an international form of Spanish, but the teachers are all native speakers and will offer guidance on local expressions and words.

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