Un café con leche y cuatro media lunas

Drinks, snacks and small meals available in many cafés and cafeterias:


un cortado = a coffee (like in this photo, the coffee almost always comes with a little glass of sparkling water to clean your palate!)

un café con leche = a strong coffee with hot milk (usually half milk half coffee. The waiter may ask you, ¿Más café o más leche?)

un submarino = hot milk flavoured with chocolate

un té con leche fría = a tea with cold milk (this is for all the British readers! otherwise you get frothy hot milk)

las minutas = short-order meals (such as pasta, pizza, hot sandwiches)

un alfajor = a mini cake-sandwich, usually filled with dulce de leche

unas facturas (Argentina) / unos bizcochos (Uruguay) = small pastries available with a variety of sweet and savoury fillings

las masas finas = sweet mini pastries

una cerveza = a beer (usually a litre bottle)

un chopp = a glass of draught beer

un vino tinto / blanco = red / white wine

un trago = a cocktail


It’s common in both Uruguay and Argentina to have something to eat while you drink, such as papas fritas (fries) or queso provelone (melted cheese with herbs, sometimes with ham, olives etc.). You could also order anything off the parilla (barbecue) “para picar” – it will come in bitesize pieces ready for sharing. It’s also common to get chatting to your neighbours at the bar – here are a couple of conversation starters:

¡Salud! = Cheers!

¡Buen provecho! = Enjoy your meal!

Tiene muy buena pinta ese trago / esa pizza / esa comida – ¿Qué es? = That cocktail / that pizza / that meal looks really good – what is it?


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