From cheap, lively hostels in the city centre, to peaceful isolated countryside ranches, you’ll find the accommodation you want using these key phrases:

un hostal = hostel

un hotel = hotel

una pensión = a lodging house (a cheap option – many are fine, others attract somewhat dodgy  clientele)

un albergue juvenil = youth hostel

una estancia turística = a hotel-ranch (they range from basic and rustic to super-luxurious)

¿Cuánto cuesta por persona / por noche? = How much is it per person / per night?

¿Incluye el desayuno? = Does it include breakfast?

¿Puedo ver la habitación? = Can I see the room?

¿Hay una caja fuerte? = Is there a safe?

Quisiera una habitación simple / doble = I’d like a single / double room

una habitación compartida = a dorm room

con baño privado = with a private bathroom

con baño compartido = with a shared bathroom 

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