Essential for travel planning and making dates, this is the vocabulary and format needed for talking about days and dates in Spanish.

los días de la semana = the days of the week

el lunes = Monday                                 

el martes = Tuesday

el miércoles = Wenesday             

el jueves = Thursday

el viernes = Friday                        

el sábado = Saturday

el domingo = Sunday                  

el fin de semana = the weekend

los meses del año = the months of the year

enero – febrero – marzo – abril – mayo – junio – julio – agosto – setiembre – octubre – noviembre – diciembre

un día feriado = a public holiday. In Uruguay they can be laborable (workable – there are many per year and generally only apply to public employees) or no laborable (non-workable – there are about 5 per year).

las fiestas  = party season, i.e. Christmas, New Year and Carnival

la semana de turismo / la semana santa = Easter Week

las estaciones = the seasons

el verano = summer

el otoño = autumn

el invierno = winter

la primavera = spring

Any questions? If you’re not sure about the content of today’s class or have something to add, leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Your questions and comments will help other students too. Our Spanish immersion programs at La Herradura in Uruguay and Spain teach you an international form of Spanish, but the teachers are all native speakers and will offer guidance on local expressions and words.

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