Hitchhiking is a fairly common way of getting around outside of the cities, especially among young people and students. Obviously you need to use your common sense and don’t go alone or at night, but it is considered pretty safe in rural areas. Most commonly you’ll be picked up by an open-backed truck like this one (but probably not as clean and new).


Hacer dedo / ir a dedo = to hitch a ride

¿A dónde vas? = Where are you going?

¿Dejame acá nomás = Just drop me here

la ruta = road / highway

el autopista = freeway

el camino vecinal = a dirt road in the countryside

el auto = car

la camioneta = truck

¡Estuvimos dos horas esperando! = We were waiting for two hours!

Mil gracias = a thousand thankyous

Te lo agradezco / Te lo agradecemos = I / we appreciate it.


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