Some phrases for talking about relationships (and a little bit of flirting…).

¿Estás casado/a? = Are you married?

¿Tenés novio/a? = Have you got a boyfriend / girlfriend?

Estoy… = I’m…

soltero/a = single

casado/a = married

divorciado/a = divorced

viudo/a = widowed

Está complicado. = It’s complicated.

ennoviarse = to get together

casarse = to get married

separarse = to split up

divorciarse = to divorce

dejar(le) a alguien (por otra persona) = to leave someone (for another person)

engañar(le) a alguien = to cheat on someone

cargar(le) a alguien = to flirt with someone

hacer el amor = to make love


¿Hace cuánto que están casados ustedes? = How long have you two been married?

¿Cómo se conocieron? = How did you meet?


¿Te parece si vamos a tomar algo algún día? = How about we go for a drink some day?

Tenés ojos hermosos. = You have beautiful eyes.

Decíme una cosa, ¿te dolía mucho cuando te caíste del cielo? = Tell me, did it hurt a lot when you fell down from heaven?

¿Puedo darte un beso? = May I kiss you?


There are three ways of saying I love you in Spanish. Here they are, in order of intensity of feeling (from puppy-love to marry-me):

Te quiero

Te quiero mucho

Te amo

The piropo (flirty comment) is a part of River Plate culture that flatters some, infuriates others. But whatever your perspective, some of the chat-up lines they come up with can be really funny. Drop us a comment if you’ve heard any good ones!

Any questions? If you’re not sure about the content of today’s class or have something to add, leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Your questions and comments will help other students too. Our Spanish immersion programs at La Herradura in Uruguay and Spain teach you an international form of Spanish, but the teachers are all native speakers and will offer guidance on local expressions and words.

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