A few useful words for parts of the city and things you might find there.

el centro (comercial) = the (commercial) centre

la zona histórica =           the historical area

un barrio (residencial) =  a (residential) neighbourhood

la zona = the area / neighbourhood

un cantegril (“cante”) / un asentamiento = a slum or shanty town

una zona franca = a duty-free zone

un cajero automatico = ATM

un shopping = shopping centre / mall

una calle = street

la vereda = sidewalk / pavement

un peatonal = pedestrian street

el subte = subway

una parada = bus stop

un parque = park

una plaza = square

¿Cómo es tu barrio / ciudad? = What’s your neighbourhood / city like?

¿Hace cuánto que usted vive acá? = How long have you lived here? (formal)

¿Hace cuánto que vivís acá? = How long have you lived here? (informal)

Habrá visto muchos cambios en ese tiempo. = You must have seen a lot of changes in that time. (formal)

Es un barrio tranquilo / complicado = It’s a safe / dangerous neighbourhood. (these are common euphemisms)

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