These are the Spanish names for some of the native animal species of Uruguay and southern Argentina.


el carpincho

el carpincho = capybara

el ciervo = deer

el jabalí = wild boar

el ñandú = rhea

el yacaré = type of South American alligator

el puma = cougar / puma

la mulita = armadillo

el lobo marino = sea lion

la foca = seal

el bagre = catfish

la trucha = trout

¿Qué es un jabalí? = What’s a jabalí?

Es un animal que tiene… = It’s an animal that has…

cuatro patas = four feet

una trompa = a trunk

cuernos = horns

una cola larga / corta = a short / long tail

orejas grandes = big ears

pelo largo / corto / marrón / gris = long / short / brown / grey fur

plumas = feather

espinas = spines

un pico = a beak

colmillos grandes = big fangs

un cuello / cuerpo largo = a long neck / body

Exercise: Write a description of the animals in the photos below and send them to us for correction!

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