un abrigo = coat

un gorro = hat

una bufanda = scarf

unos guantes = gloves

unos mitones = mittens

una campera = jacket

un cangurito = hoodie

un buzo = sweater

una remera = T-shirt (this is the more common Uruguayan word)

una camisa = blouse

una blusa = top

un pantalón = trousers

una pollera = skirt

un vestido = dress

un short = shorts

una bermuda = surf shorts

la ropa interior = underwear

un calzoncillo = underpants

una bombacha = knickers

un sostén = bra

unas medias = socks

una media can-can = tights

los zapatos = shoes

unos championes = trainers

unas botas = boots

unos zapatos de taco alto = high-heeled shoes

unas chancletas = flip-flops

las joyas = jewellry (pronounce it kho-sha)

un collar = necklace

unas caravanas = earrings

un anillo = ring

un pirsing = piercing (Yes, they use the English word with a Spanish pronunciation and some creative spellings…)

una gomita = hair elastic

una pinza = hair clip

Me gusta tu remera. = I like your T-shirt.

¿Dónde lo / la compraste? = Where did you buy it?

Te queda bien ese color / estilo. = That colour / style suits you.

¿Cuál es tu marca favorita? = Which is your favourite brand?

Exercise: Write a short description of what you are wearing right now.


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