Students! Share your experiences, offer advice and recommendations to other Spanish-learners.

David, one of our regular students, has written about studying Spanish in Montevideo in his excellent blog. It would be great if you can add some comments to his blog post – about this school, or about studying Spanish in Uruguay.

Here’s the link:

  • Why is Montevideo a good place to learn Spanish?
  • What tips would you give to someone thinking about doing a Spanish course?
  • How did you get the most out of your studies?



2 Responses to “Share your experiences!”

  • John Clancy:

    I found the Spanish 4 week course to be one of the best I had anywhere. The cultural activities were diverse and very well organised, by La Herradura, however, I have some reservations about the Volunteer Program. I was there from early January to end of March, and Uruguay seems to semi close down during this period. Also schools do not return after Summer break until March 1st . The result of this was that I did not get to work on 2 of my intended projects which was very disappointing. However I did get to teach Creative Music to the intelligently disabled adolescents , and this was extremely rewarding. My advice to prospective volunteers is to check in advance with La Herradura that the programs you intend to volunteer for will be in operation when you arrive in order to avoid disappointment. Be aware that the cost of living in Uruguay is very high. Overall my 3 month stay in Montevideo was an excellent immersion experience.

  • Hola John,

    thank you so much for your valuable feedback on your experience at our school.
    I totally agree with you that it has been very disapointing for you and us you couldn´t volunteer at one of the volunteer programs.
    The organizations are not always that organised as we would like them to be.
    The adolescents you have worked with are still asking for your Jon, they have learned a lot and enjoyed your way of teaching them.
    ¡Muchas gracias!

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