Volunteering in a home for  children, adolescents and adults with mental disability

It’s a little curly head had sitting alone in his corner just intensively looking into a picture book. She is looking not reading.  She doesn’t seem notice you when you come to say her hello. When you try to give her a soft kiss on her cheek. She just looks you in the same intensive way she has studied the book and shakes your hand. The curly head is called Dannie and Dannie is autistic. She lives together in a home for children, adolescents and adults with mental disability in Montevideo/Tres Cruces.

To do your volunteering in this home offers you the opportunity to improve your education skills in a very special manner. In the home live and work around 20 children, adolescents, adults and even young mothers with mental disability or psychiatrics problems together. Beside the regularly school, they are involved in different activities during the afternoon like yoga classes, manual activities or social games. Your will participate at the afternoon activities and support the educators. They also do excursion to a ranch just few kilometres away from Montevideo on the countryside where they get in touch with animals and plant vegetables. You are very independent concerning your timetable and there is also open space to suggest your own activities ideas.

It’s a very interesting work not only because you are together with people but especially because you are together with people who are incredible thankful for your company. They enjoy every day you are with them and for sure you equally do also. This even gets much more expressive   when you are leaving the home at the end of the day and the kids are running after you, hugging and kissing you and saying more than one time good-by.

 The daily contact with this kids, adolescents and adults procure a completely different conception of enjoying life. It’s just lovely to see how Dannie calls joyfully your name and gives you a big kiss on your cheek the next time you come to say hello.


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