Throughout South America and Spain Christmas is celebrated in a deeply religious way. But there are peculiar and interesting differences in each country

Uruguay and Argentina are countries with many cultural influences. So their Christmas traditions are diverse and it is very difficult to generalize. Following are some broad local traditions. Both countries have a summer time Christmas unlike that of the United States. Despite this, their traditions are quite similar.
People celebrate it with devotion and joy. The tradition of  Nativity scene and Xmas tree,  gift-giving, banquets and picnics, and fireworks at around midnight.
People usually select any artificial or live tree to display at home. These trees are decorated  with colored lights, ornaments and candles. All Christmas gifts are placed under the tree. Many set up the Nativity scene, a model of the manger where Jesus Christ was born.
The devout also attend a Christmas church service, if this is part of their family’s holiday tradition. Many plan a barbecue or picnic, as their Christmas meal, to take advantage of the pleasant weather. Along with the special and usual holiday items, pan dulce (a Christmas bread filled with candies) and sidra (cider) or champagne are served with dessert.

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