Kelsey, an american student,  has been teaching English to some of the children at our volunteer project with children and young adults with a small mental disability during 6 weeks.  This is not an easy job at all, as the children have their limitations in learning.  Kelsey has done a great job and the organiziation is very grateful for her help.  Below you will find the final exam of the children. Gracias Kelsey por tu esfuerzo y buena voluntad.    More pictures

Hello (hola)

Goodbye (adios)

Yes (si)
No (no)

Thank you (gracias)
You’re welcome (de nada)
Please (por favor)
Excuse me (perdon/permiso)

Good morning (buenos dias)
Good afternoon (buenas tardes)
Good night (buenas noches)

What is your name? (como te llamas?)
My name is ______ (mi nombre es _____ )
Nice to meet you (mucho gusto)

How are you? (como estas vos?)
I am good/fine/okay (yo estoy bien)

I am happy (yo estoy feliz)
I am sad (yo estoy triste)
I am mad (yo estoy enojado)
I am tired (yo estoy cansado)

What do you like? (que te gusta?)
I like… (me gusta…)

Where are you from? (de donde sos?)
I am from… (yo soy de…)

How old are you? (cuantos anos tenes?)
I am _____. (yo tengo _____ anos)

Happy Birthday! (feliz cumpleanos!)
I love you (te quiero/te amo)

I = yo
you = vos

Numbers (numeros)

1 one 11 eleven 21 twenty-one
2 two 12 twelve 22 twenty-two
3 three 13 thirteen 23 twenty-three
4 four 14 fourteen 24 twenty-four
5 five 15 fifteen 25 twenty-five
6 six 16 sixteen 26 twenty-six
7 seven 17 seventeen 27 twenty-seven
8 eight 18 eighteen 28 twenty-eight
9 nine 19 nineteen 29 twenty-nine
10 ten 20 twenty 30 thirty

40 forty (forty-one, forty-two, forty-three…) 200 two hundred
50 fifty (fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three…) 300 three hundred
60 sixty …
70 seventy 1000 one thousand
80 eighty 1000000 one million
90 ninety
100 one hundred

Colors (colores)

Blue (azul)
Purple (morado)
Violet (violeta)
Pink (rosada)
Orange (anaranjado)
Red (rojo)
Yellow (amarillo)
Green (verde)
White (blanco)
Brown (cafe/marron)
Black (negro)
Grey (gris)

Mas palabras que hemos aprendido:

Water (agua)
to drink (beber)
Milk (leche)
Food (comida)
Chicken (pollo)
Soccer/football (futbol)
Ready? (listos?)

Vocabulario adicional

See you later (hasta luego)
See you soon (hasta pronto)

I’m sorry (lo siento)
Congratulations (felicidades)
Good luck (buena suerte)

I need help (necesito ayuda)
Can you help me? (puedes ayudarme?)

Where is….? (donde esta…?)
Here (aca)
There (alla)

Girl (chica) Book (libro)
Boy (chico) Pencil (lapiz)
Girlfriend (novia) Pen (pluma)
Boyfriend (novio) Table (mesa)
Friend (amigo/amiga) Chair (silla)

Mother (madre)
Father (padre)
Sister (hermana)
Brother (hermano)


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