Every Friday the school organizes a cultural activity where the students and a teacher visit one of the most famous sights or places in Montevideo. Today there should have been a tour to the Palacio Legislativo, the seat of the legislature of Uruguay. But since the class arrived too late (exactly 4 minutes) the tour guide already went inside and there was no one else who could have guided the class through the building. So the students’ teacher Maribel decided to go and see the Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo with its viewpoint instead. This was definitely a good alternative to our previous plan since you can see the whole city of Montevideo from the top of the building. Another interesting thing about the Intendencia is the entrance hall with its exhibition about the carnival in Montevideo, which lasts for over a month and is therefore the world’s longest carnival. At the exhibition you can see images and also costumes of the different “murgas”, which are street performances with a mixture of music, theatre and comedy. After the visit at the Intendencia some of the students went to a church nearby called “Iglesia del Colegio del Sagrado Corazón”, which was founded in 1880 and is very impressive.

So although the plan for the day was quiet different, our students had a nice day and enjoyed the trip to the Intendencia and its viewpoint, which are definitely worth a visit.IMG_2935


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