My name is Selina and I’m a 21-year-old university student from Germany, who is doing an internship at the language school La Herradura in Montevideo for four months. It’s part of my studies to spend at least half a year abroad doing an internship, working or attending university. From the beginning I knew that I want to go to South America and finally decided to do an internship in Uruguay because for me it’s very interesting to get to know such a small country which most people don’t know a lot about.

I started my internship at La Herradura on 1st of September 2014 and almost one month has already passed. From Monday to Friday my day starts at 9:00 and first I have Spanish classes till 13:00. The classes are divided in two hours of conversation and two hours of grammar. Afterwards I’m working at the office of the school together with Margo, the director of the school, and her daughter Rebeca. Until now I’ve been helping them with the marketing and using social media as well as writing texts for the school’s web page about the activities the students have been doing lately.

What I like about the school is that there are people from all over the world, who are very open-minded, so that there´s always a warm-hearted atmosphere. Right now there are people from the United States, Brasil, Australia, Denmark, Austria and of course … Germany! I never thought that I would meet so many Germans in Uruguay, but it seems like Germans like to travel a lot!

So far I can tell that I really like the internship as well as Uruguay itself! Soon you can read more about my work, activities and my impression of Uruguay!


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