Time has passed so fast , so now it’s already my seventh week in Montevideo and at La Herradura. I’ve already met a lot of nice people and I really like working at the language school. Almost every week there are some new people coming to the school, which is very interesting for me. But sometimes it’s also a bit sad because you know that when new people are coming it means that other people you’ve became friends with are going to leave one day.
Until now I also had the opportunity to participate in several activities that the school offers for their students, e.g. a tour at the Teatro Solis and the Palacio Legislativo as well as visiting the ICA (Instituto Camino Abierto) where children and adults with a mental disability or learning difficulties live together. We all went to a park nearby and played some football and other games till afternoon.
I’m also really happy about being able to participate in the Spanish courses as often as possible because no matter for how long you’re learning a language, you can always improve. In my case: the use of the “subjuntivo” in all its forms and tenses, which is probably the most annoying part of learning Spanish for every student. Since my teachers recognized that I avoid using it, they gave me some private lessons with the hope that one day I’ll accept the fact that I have to use it. Although I still don´t like the subjuntivo (and probably never will) I’ll give my best so that we can become friends one day.
With respect to my work at the office I´ve been writing and translating a lot lately. Whether it’s about the new school in Punta del Este, a new possibility of doing a voluntary work with street children or some events and activities. I like having the opportunity to use all my language skills, even if it’s confusing sometimes. Apart of writing texts I also have been busy with looking for new ways of marketing. For the school it’s indispensible to use a lot of different ways to advertise. Especially today social media are probably the most important medium for advertising.

I like that every day is different and there’s always something new to do or see, so working and studying at La Herradura never gets boring. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks, but at least the weather in Montevideo is getting better, so summer’s finally coming!


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