Today two of our classes and their teachers went to an Institute of secondary education in Montevideo, which students attend before going to university. Four of the Institute’s students showed our students and their teachers the building and told them about the more than 100-year-old history of the Institute, which is also considered to be historical heritage of Uruguay.
The Institute was named after a famous Uruguayan politician and jurist, who was one of the founders of the Institute in 1911. Acevedo always has been a person with a progressive attitude towards public education and he played a very important role with respect to the development of public education in Uruguay in the 19th and 20th century. Because of the inauguration of the Institute, the number of students has been growing quickly and there have been a lot of reforms with respect to the educational system in Uruguay.
The Institute “Alfredo Vásquez Acevedo” is a unique place in Montevideo. Students can attend school without having to pay a tuition fee and furthermore the students at the Institute are very open-minded and politically active. For example there’s an interesting room at the Institute, which only serves as a place where everybody, students and teachers, can tell his thoughts. There’s no furniture in the room, only white walls where people can write down what comes to their mind, whether it’s a political statement, a poem or problems that they’re preoccupied with.

It seems like everybody is very proud of the Institute and the things they’ve achieved because the Institute shows that Uruguay’s educational system works. Numerous generations of students attended the Institute, even some of the most famous Uruguayans.


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