Internship at La Herradura Spanish School in Montevideo


Getting started

I found the internship program of La Herradura through an internet research on language schools in Montevideo. For me the combination of an intensive Spanish course and the opportunity to learn more about the promotion of a small business in social media seemed perfect. So I got in touch with Margo and we combined an internship of approximately 3 months.

I started the internship on January 16th 2014 and stayed at La Herradura until April 4th 2014.


A typical day at La Herradura

I arrived at the school every work day some minutes before 9:00 am which usually allowed me to chat a bit with other students or the teachers before classes started. From 9:00 am until 1:00 pm I had intensive grammar and conversation classes with a 10min break between them. After that, I had a break for lunch and then started my work in the office. Usually I left the school between 3:30 and 5 pm. I really enjoyed to be at the school and so I often stayed longer to finish some work I had begun. And on some days I also joined the afternoon activities of the school.


What did I learn?

Wow, where to start? I learned a lot in very different areas and on very different levels. Of course I learned a lot of Spanish, both grammar and communication skills. I learned how to create and maintain a blog, which possibilities social media offers, which platforms exist to promote a business, how to connect them and how to work on search engine optimization. I learned a lot about different possibilities to promote a language school, where to promote it and how to do it. I also learned a lot by the interaction with so many different people from different places and with different attitudes.


What did I like best?

Maybe it would be easier to start with what I didn`t like because the list would be much shorter 🙂 First of all, I love the atmosphere at the school. It is a wonderful place to learn and work, thanks to the open and welcoming way of Margo and her daughters, as well as the interesting teachers and fellow students. I met a lot of interesting people at La Herradura among the students and enjoyed a lot the conversations we had. And I like and appreciate the teachers a lot, their classes are very interesting, entertaining and well structured at the same time. Thanks to them, I learned a lot, enjoyed the conversations during classes and my Spanish improved very quickly. I also liked to learned more about social media and the promotion of a small business, which were pretty new fields for me. About my work in general I liked a lot that I had a lot of freedom, could be creative and that it was so diverse, from learning how to create and maintain a blog, doing translations from Spanish to English and German, to joining afternoon activities of the school and taking pictures for the articles I wrote about them afterwards.


What did I like less?

Honestly, there wasn`t much I didn`t like that much. So I really have to think hard about that. Sometimes the work with a computer can be really frustrating, especially when I already knew what I want to do and how it works – but then for some reason it didn`t work out as it should. So sometimes that was annoying, especially because I tend to get very impatient in such situations.

And as I mentioned before, there were many interesting students at the school and that I had to say goodbye to them after knowing them for some weeks can be a bit sad sometimes.

Especially in the beginning it also happened a few times that I needed some information and I didn`t manage to get it as quickly as I wanted to, so sometimes that was a bit frustrating but it was basically a problem of the beginning when I still didn`t know the work and therefore was less independent.


What have I done and what could still be done related to the work I started?

The idea of this section is to give you an overview about the different platforms I worked with and some ideas I have about what could still be done (of course it`s not complete ;)):

blogger blog (

→ can blogs of students be connected to the schools blog on blogger?

wordpress blog (

google + profile (

google + local business page (

→ try to insert information about the school like house number etc.

→ upload pictures and videos as soon as the page works

talk & trips

→ upload more pictures and insert more detailed descriptions of the courses

tripadvisor ( (

→ create scoops on interesting topics, e.g. about Uruguayan culture, things to do in      Montevideo, Uruguayan Spanish,… ( (



Other things that could be done:

→ write travel guides like Lonely Planet and Bradt about the internship program of the school (other schools in Montevideo are listed for their internship programs)

→ as soon as the other profile and local business page work, this profile could be deleted:


Katharina W.



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