At La Herradura we offer a big variety of courses for all kinds of people, including a Spanish course for children or teenagers.
The Spanish class for children consists of 2 hours per day (10 hours per week) and a weekly outdoor activity. The Spanish class for teenagers also includes a weekly activity but 3 hours of class per day (15 hours per week). The children’s and teenager class is about teaching young learners Spanish in a more accessible and practical way by including games and creative activities. That way it’s more interesting for them to learn Spanish and it also makes it a lot easier to make progress.


Right now we have one children’s class with two 9-year-old brothers from the US and next week there will also be a teenager class with two German students aged 13 and 15. The boys and their teacher are having a lot of fun lately playing games, drawing, and going outside. This week’s outdoor activity includes a visit at the”Torre de las Telecomunicaciones” or “Torre de ANTEL”, Uruguay’s highest building of the country’s biggest telecommunications company, as well as a visit at one of the biggest and most important parks in Montevideo which is the Parque Rodó. Every day of the week there are a lot of people enjoying their free time at the park which has 42 hectares of extension as well as an artificial lake with a little castle next to it, a playground, a little amusement park, fountains, and much more.


So the Spanish courses for children and teenager at La Herradura are about teaching Spanish vocabulary and grammar to young learners in an accessible way which includes doing activities and having fun while practicing the new knowledge of Spanish!
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