It’s me again, Selina!
I can’t believe I’m here at La Herradura for more than 3 months now.. and there are only 3 weeks left till my last day at the school. On the one hand 3 months is quite a long time but on the other hand it feels like I’ve been here for a much longer time. I never get tired of my work or constantly meeting new people at the school.
In the last few weeks I had some Spanish classes now and then, which I enjoy because it really helps me with practicing my Spanish and it’s always a lot of fun! Yes, even despite the fact that we’re mostly talking about the subjuntivo..
At work I’ve been writing and translating a lot lately, whether it’s for the school’s web page, the blog, or whatever kind of information they need, e.g. texts about new courses they’re offering, teaching material for classes, description of volunteer projects or other kinds of activities, information about Uruguayan politics, history and customs, etc. Apart from that I’ve been helping with improving the school’s marketing to attract new students as well as preparing more information for the new school in Punta del Este. Everyday there’s something else to do so it never gets boring.
The last few weeks I also had the opportunity to participate in other kinds of activities like visiting the children and young adults of ICA (Instituto Camino Abierto) who all have learning difficulties or a mental disability. Every Thursday some of the school’s students meet up with them to spend some time together. Just recently we went to the beach and for the next few weeks we’re planning to do something Christmassy. Although for me it’s still weird to see all the Christmas decoration and hear Christmas songs in the supermarket.. it’s summer! As a German I’m used to having tons of snow at Christmas..
Anyway, I’m going to enjoy my last few weeks here before I have to say goodbye!


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