It’s a new week and our children’s course continues!
Our two 9-ýear-old students have three hours of class every day and they’re learning new words and some grammar each day by playing games or doing other kind of activities to keep them amused and interested in learning Spanish.
This week they’ve been learning new vocabulary related to different topics, e.g. the rooms of a house and objects you can find in those rooms, which they practiced by inventing their own board game. Furthermore, they’ve been learning about colors, animals, fruits and the parts of the body by playing games like memory.
The teachers also started to teach them numbers, first only from one to ten by playing domino, and then from one to hundred by playing bingo. Even if they won’t be able to remember all the numbers right know, it’s about hearing and seeing the numbers to get a feeling for how to build the numbers. Today they started talking about clothes and family members by painting pictures and doing handicrafts.
The teachers try to include all or some of the different word fields in one game so that the children get to know enough words and learn how to combine them to form whole sentences. The boys just started building their first sentences presenting themselves with their name, age, etc. We want them to be able to describe themselves and their environment so they feel confident about speaking Spanish!
The most important thing is to repeat things every day so they can memorize them. The best way to practice their new skills it to go outside and meet locals, so they’ve been to the street market, supermarket and park nearby with their teacher several times this week. We try to include as much activities as we can to make class even more entertaining!


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