It’s the third week for our two “little” students and their Spanish course is going very well!
They have three hours of class every day and they’re learning new words and some grammar each day by playing games or doing other kind of activities to keep them amused and interested in learning Spanish. Every week they learn new word fields and verbs to finally be able to form more sentences and feel confident speaking Spanish.
This week’s class started with the boys learning about all kinds of animals which they had to guess by drawing and describing them, so they needed to use the vocabulary they learned the weeks before, e.g. colors, numbers, etc.
The most important topic for this week is learning new verbs and adjectives to form whole sentences. So yesterday the boys learned how to describe the weather using all the necessary vocabulary and learning how to use the grammar correctly. Furthermore, they played games like memory to learn new words, e.g. they had to assign contrasting words or combine several verbs with an adequate substantive.
The teachers try to include different word fields and parts of speech into one game so that the children learn how to combine them to form whole sentences
The most important thing is to repeat things every day so the children can memorize everything. The best way to practice their new skills it to go outside and meet locals, so there’s always a weekly outdoor activity which includes, e.g. going to the street market, supermarket or park nearby.
We try to include as much activities as we can to make class more entertaining for the children!
We want them to be able to describe themselves and their environment so they feel confident about speaking Spanish!


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