Every week some of our students participate in a voluntary activity which is about visiting the ICA (Instituto Camino Abierto) where children and young adults with learning difficulties or a mental disability live together.
So every Thursday we go to their house and pick them up to do any kind of activity, mostly we go to a nice park nearby and play some games. Since Christmas is just around the corner we incorporated some Christmassy activities to our visit, e.g. last week we had our own little Christmas party at our school – with cookies, Christmas carols, a Christmas tree, and – most importantly – presents!
For this week we had planned to go to a Shopping center nearby so that the kids have the opportunity to see “Papá Noel”. Because of the good weather we decided to go to the park nearby the children’s house instead and bring Papá Noel to them! So first we played some games and then had a rest in the shadow of the trees while waiting for some of our students to arrive at the park and bring a surprise – Christmas cookies and a home-made piñata looking like Papá Noel!
The children knew that there’s candy waiting for them inside the piñata so they’ve been very keen on starting the game but since they didn’t want to hit Santa Clause we took of the costume and gave it to one of the boys instead, who happily accepted the gift and put on the costume just to walk around the whole park in his new outfit! It took the children a while to break the piñata but finally they did it and were rewarded with a lot of candy!
At the end, all of them were very happy and had as much fun as our students did!




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