Lately, we’ve been writing about our two “little” students from the US who had Spanish classes for the last 3 weeks here at La Herradura. They and their mother, who was also a student, left the school last Friday to now enjoy the upcoming holidays traveling through Uruguay. By the end of January they’ll be back in Montevideo and they decided to take some more Spanish classes then.


All of them already learned a lot and improved significantly, especially with the boys it was always very entertaining and nice to see how they learned new things every day.


Last Friday, when all of us came together to chat and eat some cake after class, everybody was talking about their plans for Christmas and the boys presented their Christmas cards which they made themselves in class. So they gave every student a Christmas card as a present before saying goodbye and heading off to other parts of Uruguay.


All of our students made some plans, whether it’s having dinner with friends, enjoying the atmosphere near the Rambla of Montevideo, or whatever kind of activities..


Today and tomorrow it’s about coming together to celebrate Christmas, so La Herradura wishes all of you a great time with your friends and families!


Feliz Navidad!


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