Time has passed so fast and now it’s my last day at La Herradura!


It’s Friday and there are only a few people here since it’s December and most people spend the holidays at home with their families and friends. Nevertheless there are some students at the school but right now they’re all outside with their teacher exploring the city of Montevideo, which is why now I have time to sit down and write this last text about my internship at the school.


Before coming to Uruguay I didn’t know much about the country or the culture but actually that was one of the reasons why I decided to come here. It’s more interesting when you don’t know what to expect! So now I’ve spent 4 months in Montevideo and it was an amazing experience!


I’m glad that I decided to do the internship at the school because I really enjoyed working here. It was always interesting and every day there were other things to do so I never got bored or tired of my work. Everyone here has been really nice and I’m happy that I had the opportunity to be part of the “Herradura family”. I’ve met a lot of people from different countries who told me about their lives, their adventures and their next trips to other parts of the world and it was great to be able to meet them all! With some of them I talked a few times at school and then there are others who became good friends of mine. All these great people make my stay here even more worth remembering.


I also enjoyed all the Spanish classes which are always really entertaining! And at the end I can tell that learning almost everything about the subjuntivo isn’t too bad.. at least when you have teachers like the ones here at the school! Thank you all for your patience and humor!


And of course.. Thank you Margo for giving me the opportunity to work here and making me feel welcome right from the beginning. With you, Rebeca, and all the others I shared a lot of funny moments and I always enjoyed working with you! I’m glad I got to know you and I wish you all the best!


So on one hand I’m excited to travel some more and then finally go back home but on the other hand I wouldn’t mind spending some more time here. I had a great time, saw beautiful places and met amazing people.. that’s all that matters.


I wish everybody at the school all the best and of course .. good luck with the new school in Punta del Este! I’m looking forward to hear how it’s going!


P.S. Remember that you always meet people at least twice in life!


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