I’m currently doing an internship at La Herradura in Montevideo as part of my bachelors degree. This year is my ‘placement year’, which’s very common in the UK, so all the work I do at the school counts towards the 40 weeks of work experience needed to complete this year. I decided to do this internship because I love the Spanish language and I’m driven to improve my language skills to eventually assist me in having an international career. It’s a fantastic way to combine practical work for a small firm with language practice and having a great time! I’m combining an intensive language course with online marketing, translations and helping out in any way possible.

I’m from a town in the county of West Sussex in the south east of England. I’m currently doing my degree in finance and economics at the Bournemouth University in the county of Dorset in the south west and I will return to continue my course in the coming September. I will be at La Herradura from early January until early May 2015 then I might stay in Uruguay a bit longer to get some experience working in a Spanish-speaking establishment and because I’m very reluctant to leave Montevideo!

I’m writing a blog about my time in Uruguay so follow the tabs to read about what everything that I am doing and experiencing!



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