I don’t even know how to begin and describe my experience in Uruguay, the host family and most important at the school.  From the very first moment I stepped down from the airplane, I knew deep down that the trip was going to be a blast.  The very first person I met was Victor, a nice person that set the tone; he was very polite and very nice.  He treated us like if we knew each other and provided me with useful information.

My host family, Mrs. Brenda, she was literally like my second mother.  She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and that my trip would be the best experience.  I am more than thankful for her hospitality and she treated me like a family member.

Lastly, my experience at school and the interaction with the staff.  The first person I met was Margo, lovely lady and she made sure that all students were conformable with their professors and class time.  I would like to give thanks to all the professors; they were patient, professional, and most importantly very knowledgeable on all subjects that were taught.  My professors were Juan, Ignacio, and Maribel; to say the least, we had very interesting conversations.

Rebeca and Gabriela (the secretaries, inside joke) are the best.  If it wasn’t for them, my experience in Uruguay would have been different.  They are very professional but at the same time, they are fun to be around.  They organized all activities and provided us with other ideas to have a good time in our down time.  I will miss all of them and I hope to see them again in the near future.

Thank you for the great experience and the opportunity to be part of your school.


Juan Morteo


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