La Herradura — Cuestionario


Patricia King                                                                4/6/2016


  • First impression:  When I first arrived at the school, I was a bit nervous.  I was certainly happy that my brother made the trip with me.  I was not prepared for  cracked sidewalks and was surprised to see graffiti on the walls of really nice places.


Victor Bia picked us up at the airport,  he may have waited an hour for us.  What a

nice man.  He drove us to the school via La Rambla and explained what he could

about the city to us non-Spanish speakers.



Rebeca greeted us, explained the key system, we were surprised by 4 keys.  She

helped me call my friend, Maria.  Then Rebeca left. I was once again nervous as I

expected the school would have other students there.  Staying in the school, the first

weekend was difficult.  It was cold, we were not used to the heaters, but the shower

had hot water and the bed was comfortable and warm.


Maria picked us up, toured the city with us on Saturday, took us to Minas, and places

further north on Sunday.  She explained a lot and helped me feel safe.


I was really happy on Monday when class started and the school was full of people

and activity.


Because of Maria and the information the school provided, Bob and I were able to visit

several parts of Uruguay.  The country is beautiful and full of lovely people.  I have a

very favorable opinion of the country as a whole.



  • I do like Montevideo.  I have several friends in Florida who said it was one of their

favorite cities.  I didn’t understand that at the beginning, but I do now.  One thing we

found difficult was that places such as museums which were supposed to be open,

often were not.  Bob and I became used to that and would laugh.


  • Opinion of the following – I have never had an immersion course before, so I have

nothing with which to compare this experience.  I would rate everything “Buena” or

“Muy Buena”.  Method – Buena, Materials, Buena, Conversation classes – Muy

Buena, Grammar Classes, Buena, Deberes – Buena, Profesores – Muy Buena.


  • What did I like most about the school:  I liked Rebeca and Gaby.  They were helpful

beyond measure.  I liked the location after I got used to it.  Many places to eat or

buy food,  and have clothes washed, etc.


I really liked our teachers.  They were helpful, interesting and fun.  I liked the day

Maribel took us on a field trip.  I would have liked at least one trip like that a week.

For instance, a trip to the grocery store or El Mercado Agricola as an afternoon class

would have been fun.  I think the “hands on” vocabulary lesson would have been




  • What did I like least?

I did not like the one day that Juan spent two hours on irregular verbs; however,

that was the only class I did not like.  The other 58 hours were great.


I also think that I should have had some one on one lessons.  I understood the

reason our original program was changed, but I would have liked a couple of

hours by myself, just to see if I could handle it.  It probably would not have made a

difference in what I learned.


Which aspects would I improve?  These are house keeping items.  The coffee mugs

in the kitchen need to be replaced.  It was difficult to find enough with handles unless

we used the small cups.  I also would have liked more information on how the week-

ends would be at the school.  I had no idea Bob and I would be there alone.  I should

have asked, I guess.  I am still glad we stayed there as it made life a lot easier.



  • How did I spend my free time?  Bob and I visited as many museums as possible.

We walked 10 miles every day.  We saw two Spanish movies:  Clever and Pura Vida.

We went to Minas, Punta del Este, Colonia del Sacremento.  We took a tango lesson

and went to Baar Fun, Fun with Rebeca, Daliah, Nina, and Alex.  Really wonderful.

We ate a lot of good food and drank Tanat.  We also went to the Teatre Solis for a

concert.  We spent time at two different police stations – all very funny and an

adventure we will never forget.


  • I liked the activities programs we participated in.   Bob and I did a few things on our own and a lot with Maria.  We arranged the Punta del Este Tour through the school

and our tango lesson.  Both were first rate.  The horse back riding was another plus.

I loved being out of the farm with the dogs, the horses, the cows and the pigs.  It was

totally new for me.  The clouds were wonderful, I thought we might have a storm.

Gaby said there would not be one.  Then Rebeca had tea with cakes afterwards.  The

ride to the bus stop was interesting.    That day was really special.



  • My goals were to learn some Spanish and experience a different cultural.  I believe I

learned quite a bit of Spanish.  I can now write some sentences and express myself

verbally in a limited fashion.  I have a new respect for the language.  It certainly is

not easy.   I would have liked to learn the past tense, but since we did not have

enough time, I will work on that in the states.


I feel I can read and comprehend a lot of Spanish and could really notice the

difference while watching the two movies as we saw them two weeks apa


I felt I could communicate with the people in the neighborhood by the end of the three

weeks, before we started, I had no vocabulary, so every outing was a struggle.


As far as a cultural experience, it was amazing.  I wouldn’t change a thing.


  • I would recommend the school to friends.  I liked the environment.  I am glad we

stayed in the school and became friends with the entire family.



Un resume:


En generale, fui muy felice con la escuela, La Herradura.  Los profesors fueron

interessantes y divertidos.  Fue diversion de “laugh” en classe.

Quierdo decir que todos fueron muy bien.  Muchas Gracias.


Hope that was OK!  Keep in touch and if you come to FL, let me know.  Me gustan

verte otra vez.





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