Diary of my volunteerwork in Montevideo: 

When i arrived in Montevideo i first took one month of Spanish classes at “La Herradura” after this month i started working 3 days a week at ICA. An organisation that works with kids that have disabilities. ICA is located in a big house were there a different rooms to have activities, they have a kitchen, a bathroom and a big garden as well. Some children stay in the house and the other children come to the house after school to take part at different activities. The children who come to ICA are all different. Some have the down syndrome, others have behavior problems ore are autistic and others have learning problems at school.

Before i started working at ICA, i went there to see the children and to have a meeting with the persons who work there. We made up a week plan to set up my activities during the week. Because i am a teacher for disabled children we agreed that i would give writing and reading lessons two times a week for two hours. One time a week we agreed that i would take the children outside to a playground to play different games with them. ICA does not really have a lot of materials to work with during the lessons. Because all the children have a different disability and a different level of reading and writing i decided to make all the worksheets myself, like that all the children can work at their own level and at their own tempo. Also they can all have success experiences and develop their self esteem. Each week we work with a theme. The first week we wrote and read about animals. We had to write the names of the animals, color them and paint animals ourselves. The second week we wrote and read about the colors we used with the animals. The week after we wrote and read about different objects and cut out a lot of objects to glue them on a big paper under the correct color. At the end of the month we learned about all the vegetables in Uruguay. We made worksheets and wrote the names of the vegetables under drawings of vegetables, made sentences with the vegetables and their colors and paint a big mandala. The next month we did the same with all the fruits of Uruguay. At the moment we are learning about the different objects that you use when you go to school. Some children can not read and write yet. They are making worksheets were they copy the letters from the alphabet. The children who can write and read a bit, read short words and write them afterwards. The children who know how to read and write make worksheets were they have to write and read sentences ore a little piece of text about the subject of the week. All the children write first, then color a bit, after that read letters, words ore a text and afterwards color again. Like this they can concentrate for the two whole hours that they take classes. The children are really pure of heart. They are always happy when you arrive at the house, they give you a lot of hugs, and tell you a lot of stories about everything that happened in the house ore on the streets. They love what they are doing and they are having a lot of fun during the lessons. To see and experience this makes you go home with a very satisfied feeling. It is great to see how the children develop during the time that you work there. Some children who could not read, start to read a bit now, others start to write whole sentences instead of only words and the rest of the kids can write little stories on their own now. I am always looking forward to go to work and to take part at the life of the children and the people who work at ICA.



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