Diary of my volunteerwork in Montevideo:

To continue my work at ICA here in Montevideo i had to think about some themes were i could work with. So i asked the children what they wanted to learn in the next two weeks. They wanted to learn about music and music instruments. And also we learned about different kinds of transport and how to use them. When we started to learn about music i made worksheets for each child with different kinds of instruments on it. They had to color different instruments, write the names of the instruments and i also took different instruments with me, so that the children could listen and play on the instruments. After that i learned the children some songs that they could sing. When the children started to learn about the different kinds of transport i also made worksheets for them. But before we made them we divided the different types of transport into three categories: transport over the land, transport over the water and transport in the air. The children had to think about the types of transport that they know and had to tell me were you use this transport. After that we played a memory game about transport types and made the worksheets that i made for them. The children wrote a small text about the types of transport, colored a mandala with transport types in it and had to make a puzzle about transport types. Two times a week i teach the children how to write and read. One time a week i take the children outside. Then we go to a playground were we play different kind of games. It is very important for the kids that they can go outside and have the chance to meet other children and play together with them. At the playground they have the possibility to learn social skills while they are playing. Before we start a game, the children have to make teams to play and during the game they need to cope with the fact that it is not always possible to win. Most children just quit the game when they are losing ore walk away. You always have to explain to them, that they are playing in a team and that they can not just walk away and leave the team alone. This is sometimes very difficult for them, but it is going better and better. It is nice to see how the children get used to you. At the beginning especially when you go outside with them they explore their boundaries and see how far they can test you. They also test if you do what you say. It is very important to them that they can trust you. And even if you have to be strict with them sometimes they are always thankful to you that you give them boundaries and make time for them. Each child has his own character and when you start to know them better you know how a child will react on a situation that occurs and you know better and better how to react on that ore how to avoid it that a child shows a behavior that is not suitable at that time. Each week is a box full of surprises. It is like different presents that you unwrap and that surprise you in a good way. I hope to open up many more presents in the time that i am here and reveal the beauty that is hidden inside of them.

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