What´s the quickest way to learn Spanish?

The best answer I’ve heard was over dinner, about seven years ago.
Henry, a Uruguayan with an international background told the story of two non-Spanish-speaking executives who learned enough Spanish to start work at their company’s Uruguay office in just 10 weeks.

Here’s how they did it
First, the company sent the executives to a Montevideo Language School called La Herradura. There, they spent five weeks doing nothing but studying and practicing Spanish.
Immediately after, they spent another five weeks at a guest ranch in Uruguay’s interior—a place where nobody spoke English. And with no access to cell phones, Internet, or television.
Henry’s story stuck in my mind. A few years later I spent a few weeks studying at La Herradura. It wasn’t as long as I wanted (my day job requires a lot travel). But while I was there, I learned a lot.

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David Hammond has learned Spanish at our school in Montevideo a few years ago. He is still living in Montevideo and has an excellent blog with very useful information on Uruguay.

Thanks for your article on our schools in your blog David.

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