The next two weeks i worked with 2 new themes for the children. Because the summer finally started after the cold weather and all the rain i made worksheets for the children about a day at the beach and what you can take with you. Before the children made the worksheets we thought about all the things that you can do at the beach. You can play games like soccer, ore build a sand castle, you can go for a swim, you can look for seashells ore just lay in the sun and enjoy the warm sunbeams on your face. You can take a lot of stuff with you to the beach ore only a towel to lay on and an umbrella. You can take a ball with you, ore a shovel to make sand castles, you need to take sun cream with you and a hat and of course your swim pants ore your swimsuit, but you can also take a book with you ore other things that keep you occupied like music! When we had a clear image of all the things you can do ore that you need on the beach we started to make the worksheets. The children had to look at paintings from different objects that you can bring with you to the beach, and write the correct words under them. After that they had to color the objects. We also cut out a domino game with all the things that you can bring with you to the beach and played that.

After the beach theme i decided to work with the kids on the topic of emotions. A lot of kids are in puberty and they have a lot of emotions but they do not really know how to cope with them. So first of all we talked about emotions. When do you have them? Ore why do you have them? The kids said that you can be angry ore sad because of a thing that happened what you do not like. They also said that you can be happy ore sleepy ore in love. They had to laugh very hard when a girl said that love is also an emotion. When this topic came up, all the children started to tell about their girlfriends ore boyfriends. This is very important for them that they have a girl/boyfriend. After we talked about emotions we did some role games about emotions. I made cards with different emotions on them. We put all the cards on a pile and the kids had to take a card and play the emotion for us that was on the card. This was a lot of fun! After our little game we started to make the worksheets that i prepared for them so that the kids would also write and read. They had to read short words about emotions, color faces with different emotions and sort different emotions in categories like happy, sad etc. After those two weeks of lessons it was christmas and i decided to take the kids out to the playground to play soccer with them as a little christmas gift. I bought sweets for them and something to drink and we had a very cosy time at the playground. The week after christmas was new year so i did not work then. The 4 months that i was in Montevideo went very fast! Before i realized it, it was time for me to pack my bags for my next destination on my journey around Latin America. Unfortunately i had no time to say goodbye to the kids because i had some problems with my flights. In the 4 months that i worked at ICA i build up a very close bound with the children, and it is really a pity that i could not see them before i had to take my flight. I wanted them to know that they are very special and that i really enjoyed each minute that i could work with them. I also wanted them to know that i did not left just like that. So i made a map for all the kids with all their worksheets and color sheets, so that each child can show at home ore at the people that work at ICA what they did in the last 4 months and what they achieved. I know that the kids love sweets above all! So i bought i big bag with sweets for them and wrote a little goodbye letter so that they know that i did not forget about them! I don’t know if my path in life will ever bring me back to Uruguay. But when i am in Montevideo i know for sure that i will visit ICA to see the kids and see how they are all doing. It really was a great experience to take part at the daily life of ICA and to work with the employees and the children who come ore live there.

I would recommend to all the people who want to do volunteer work to go and take a look at ICA and see with their own eyes what great work they do and how they try to make the best of each day with the little materials and things that they have and how they bring a little sunshine each day in the lives of the kids.


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