My name is Nathalie and I’m a 21-year-old nursing student from the United States. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California but I attend school at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Part of why I chose Northeastern was for their co-op program. Northeastern’s nursing program is 5 years however, by the time I graduate, I will have completed two 6-month internships in my field of study. This appealed to me greatly because I go to pick my internship, and it could be anywhere in the world. Typically, nursing students choose to do their internships in a hospital in Boston. However, quite frankly, I am not one that enjoys winters on the east coast and decided expand my internship search beyond Boston. Additionally, learning Spanish had been a long time goal of time. I thought that my first internship could be a great opportunity to learn Spanish in a clinical environment so I reached out to a program called Adelante Abroad.

Adelante set me up with classes at La Herradura and placed me in an internship at a public hospital close to the school. To be quite honest, I knew little to nothing about the country of Uruguay before my arrival. I’d never met anyone that had visited the country and Google’s search results were always a little vague. I think that this is why I chose to study Spanish in Uruguay; I wanted to experience a country that I knew little about and had no expectations for. So far, I’ve truly enjoyed my experience.

I arrived on Sunday, January 8th, 2017 and began taking classes the following Monday. My classes had two parts to them. First, starting at 9am, I had a conversation based class. I enjoyed this class because I was the only American and native English speaker. It was always very fun to have discussions (in Spanish of course) with people from such different backgrounds. My second class of the day started at 11am and was more grammar based.

Coincidentally, during my three weeks of classes, I always had a one on one grammar class. I really enjoyed this because my class alway went at my speed. Overall, I really enjoyed my three weeks of classes and found that the teachers all knew what they were doing and how to help.

Everyone I have encountered at the school is always willing to help out, whether I have a Spanish question, or a question about life in Uruguay.

After my three weeks of classes, I began my internship at the hospital (more on that to come). It is my second month here and currently, I spend my time either at the hospital, or meandering about Montevideo. I am very excited at the opportunity to start taking classes again in the afternoons!

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