In the beginning of February, I began my internship at Hospital Perriera Rossell. I had never worked in a clinical setting before and as a nursing student I was very excited to begin my first experience. My first day started with a chat with my supervisors and then ended with a tour of the hospital. Hospital Perriera Rossell is a public hospital for women and children.  The hospital can see over 20 births a day so, a large percentage of the Uruguayan population was born was born at the hospital.

For the first few weeks, I observed in the NICU or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Here, all patients are newborns who are in need of some extra medical attention. Patients range from premature babies to infants who may need surgery, to infants with hypothermia and so on. There are about 16 beds in the NICU and the nurses work to make sure that each patient is stable. Every morning, a group of doctors and residents make their way to each bed and discuss the patient’s chart in detail with each other and with the nurses.

After a few weeks spent observing in the NICU, I had the chance to move into the delivery room. Currently, I am shadowing pediatric nurses in ‘la sala de nacer’. Here, is where women are admitted once labor has begun. Other nurses help out during the labor and then once it’s time for the baby, the pediatric nurses come in and wait. Once the baby is born, the pediatric nurses make sure the baby is healthy and stable before dressing them and giving them to their new mother.

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