After spending a few weeks shadowing in the delivery room, I have learned a lot about the birthing process. I typically start my day by attending a meeting in the morning. At this meeting, all the doctors and nurses from the night shift present all the patients to the doctors that are arriving for the day shift. They share vitals, x-rays, and any other relevant information. After the meeting, I head up to the delivery room. If there are no patients in labor, we patiently wait around and sort supplies, read charts, or chat with other nurses or doctors. If there are patients in labor, my time is spent rushing between delivery rooms.

About 50% of the time, the babies are delivered by c-section. If this is the case, we get a phone call and then rush into the surgery block. Before entering the block, everyone must change into sterile scrubs, put on shoe and hair covers, and wear a face mask. Once dressed, the pediatric nurses prepare an area to stabilize the baby while the surgeons begin the c-section.

The first time I saw a c-section was pretty shocking, I had never seen a surgery before. Luckily for me, I do not have a problem with blood. C-sections are usually pretty quick and painless for the mother.

My favorite part about observing in the delivery room is seeing the happiness that comes when the baby is born. Whether it’s the mother’s first child or fifth, seeing her face when she holds her new baby for the first time is always priceless.

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