Review of working with Newborns at a hospital in Montevideo

Last Friday I had the opportunity to help out at the hospital in a different way. At Hospital Perrier Rossell, there is a group of volunteers that help tend to new borns that do not have parents to go home to. The volunteers do what a mother is not there to do: change diapers, give bottles, and soothe crying babies. Before Friday I had never even held a baby before. The other volunteers were very patient and kind and showed me what I needed to know. I gave bottles and held babies until they fell asleep. Quite honestly, I was slightly uncomfortable the entire time  due my lack of experience with new borns. I have never been one that enjoyed spending time with children and have always tried to avoid it. So, Friday was a very new experience for me.

Though pediatrics might not be my specialty of choice, I do believe that it is still necessary to feel comfortable in any specialty. Hope that by continuing to spend time in this volunteer position, I will learn more about the care of newborns. All the nurses and other volunteers were there to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I felt very welcome and everyone was very ready to teach.

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