Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 7:26 AM
Subject: Hola a todos!
 Hola Margo

Como estas? Lo siento mucho que yo escribo muy tarde!! Ahora estoy de vuelta a suiza! Ya extraño mucho Montevideo!! Esta una vida differente aquí en Suiza. Pero bueno, también es hermoso estar con nuestros amigos y familia! Y tenemos muchos proyectos en el futuro! 

Yo te dije que voy a escribir un poco sobre la escuela y sobre la casa abierta!! Espero que esta bien como eso!?

Muchos besos y saludos!! También a Rebecca y a todos los profesores! ! Maribel, Juan y Ignazio!!!

xx Martina

<<I am Martina, 29 years old from Zurich, Switzerland. My boyfriend and I had the opportunity, due to his job, to move to Montevideo for a couple of months. My aim was to learn at least a little bit the language to be able to talk to people. When I arrived at la Herradura Spanish School I immediately felt at home. Margo and Rebecca (the owner and her daughter) were very welcoming and warm at heart.

I studied a bit more than two months Spanish at the school. After a while traveling in Latin America Margo gave me the opportunity to do a volunteering in Montevideo.

This is how I could start working at casa abierta which means “open house”. It is an after-school house for children whose parents can’t take care of them in the afternoon. At the casa abierta or abrojo what it is called as well, 5-8 social workers work with children. They have projects and workshops, twice a week the children have the chance to take swimming classes, a teacher helps them to do their homework as well as they offer the kids a lot of plays and outdoor activities. The casa abierta opens its doors every Monday to Friday from 1pm to 6pm, for more or less 30 children from age 5-12. I had an amazing time there! I loved to see another part of Montevideo, I deeply enjoyed to work with this lovely young people and it was certainly very good for my Spanish. I can truly recommend both the Spanish school of la Herradura and its volunteering program.>>

¡Gracias Martina! Fue un placer haberte tenido en nuestra academia. Te deseo lo mejor para el futuro y no dejes de hablar en español!

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