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Hola a todos!

My name is Toby, I am from England and I am undertaking the marketing internship here at La Herradura. I have been here for 3 weeks now and thought I’d give an update on my experience so far at La Herradura and in Montevideo to give prospective students an idea of what to expect.

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The lifestyle here in Montevideo is much more laid back than that of the UK and other European countries. I have gotten to know many Uruguayans through other people that are either living or studying at La Herradura, which has enabled me to have lots of Spanish practice as well as make plenty of new friends. I have also made plenty of international friends as the school receives students from all across the globe. There are also lots of sporting opportunities to get involved in. I have joined a local gym 10 minutes walking distance from the school and have played 5 a side football with Uruguayans I have met through mutual friends. Many Uruguayans also enjoy running along the Rambla which is the beautiful 26km long walkway which runs along the beach.

The Spanish teaching at the school has also impressed me. The classes are kept small, the quality of teaching is high, and the teachers are very personable. These aspects help create a friendly and supportive learning environment in which one can learn a great deal in just a small amount of time. You are given a language level test at the start to assess your Spanish level so that classes can be tailored to your level. The school have produced their own Spanish exercise books as well which is very useful for self-study.

La Herradura has also organised numerous trips for all the students to attend. We have visited museums ranging from the Gaucho Museum to the Museum of Art History, which displayed many iconic pieces from a multitude of cultures. The school’s pupils have also visited the local Ferias which are huge market stalls dotted across the city selling everything from fresh fruit and veg to clothing and accessories.  I have written in greater detail about these experiences in my other blog posts.

Overall my experience here so far has been very enjoyable and I would recommend to anyone interested in learning Spanish to attend the Spanish courses here on offer at La Herradura. You have the option of attending courses in the bustling capital city of Montevideo or the picturesque beach-laden location of Punta Del Este. Not only will you receive excellent teaching, but you will be able to discover more about the fascinating and truly welcoming Uruguayan culture.

Make sure to keep an eye out on this page for more updates regarding my experience at La Herradura and in Uruguay.




On Friday the 13th of November the Spanish language students of La Herradura Montevideo paid a visit to the Feria, the outdoor market, which sells a whole range of items from fresh fruit and veg to clothing. Such Ferias occur every week across the whole of Montevideo and are held at least twice a week. // El viernes 13 de noviembre, los estudiantes de español de La Herradura Montevideo visitaron la Feria, es un mercado al aire libre, que vende desde frutas y verduras frescas hasta ropa. Tales Ferias ocurren cada semana en diferentes partes de  Montevideo y se llevan a cabo al menos dos veces por semana en diferentes barrios de la ciudad.

The Spanish language students were tasked with investigating the range of problems faced by ordinary Uruguayan market-traders. The students were given a sheet which asked them to find the names and ages of three Uruguayan market traders as well as three concerns which they had about Uruguay. // Los estudiantes de español se encargaron de investigar la variedad de problemas que enfrentan los comerciantes y el resto de la sociedad uruguaya. A los estudiantes se les entregó una hoja en la que se les pedía que encontraran los nombres y las edades de los tres comerciantes del mercado uruguayo, así como las tres inquietudes que tenían sobre Uruguay.

The main concerns held by Uruguayans at the Feria fell into 3 categories. The first concern many held was regarding the Uruguayan economy and their business. The market traders we asked were concerned about increasing governmental interference with their business and the resultant reduction in their net income. // Las principales preocupaciones de los uruguayos en la Feria se dividieron en 3 categorías. La primera preocupación que muchos sostuvieron fue sobre la economía uruguaya y sus negocios. A los operadores del mercado que les preguntamos les preocupaba la creciente interferencia gubernamental en su negocio y la consiguiente reducción de sus ingresos netos debido a los grandes impuestos. 

The second concern was about being able to receive the necessary documentation to live and work in Uruguay and the considerable time and hassle it takes to receive the required documentation. Receiving a working visa is also an issue many of them are struggling with. Most of the market traders we asked were from other south American or central American countries such as Cuba. // La segunda preocupación fue sobre la posibilidad de recibir la documentación necesaria para vivir y trabajar en Uruguay y el considerable tiempo y la molestia que conlleva recibir la documentación requerida. Recibir una visa de trabajo también es un problema con el que muchos de ellos están luchando. La mayoría de los comerciantes del mercado que pedimos provenían de otros países de América del Sur o América Central, como Cuba debido a los problemas sociales y gubernamentales que tienen sus países. 

The third concern held by such market traders was in being able to bring their families to come and live in Uruguay with them due to the tight rules and regulations regarding immigration to the country. // La tercera preocupación de estos comerciantes del mercado fue la de poder traer a sus familias para que vengan a vivir a Uruguay con ellos debido a las estrictas normas y regulaciones con respecto a la inmigración al país que estan teniendo ultimamente. 

Afterwards the students were able to enjoy the fresh range of fruit and vegetables on offer at this Feria including juicy mangoes as well as huge creamy avocados, all available for a bargain price. // Luego, los estudiantes pudieron disfrutar de la fresca gama de frutas y verduras que se ofrecen en estas ferias, que incluyen mangos jugosos, enormes aguacates cremosos y otros tipos de alimentos bien frescos, todos a un precio de “ganga”.

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