This morning, a group of students from La Herradura visited a Uruguayan ‘Liceo’ (high-school) during their conversation class. It was a great way for us to both practise communicating with the Uruguayan students and learn about some of Uruguay’s national heritage.

The school was called the Instituto Alfredo Vásquez Acevedo, which’s named after a famous Uruguayan judge and politician who founded the school in 1868 along with other intellectuals. Since 1976, the building has been considered a national historic monument and contains the central library of secondary education, the national history museum and the astronomic observatory.

The La Herradura students received a warm enthusiastic welcome from the Uruguayan students and were shown around the school and told about the school’s history. Many students asked many questions and even spoke to other students and teachers in different departments. It was a successful informative trip which was enjoyed by all.

Click here for more information about the school and the excursion. You can also click here if you’d like to see more pictures taken on trips to this school.


paseo didactico 23.10.13


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