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Time is flying by and we have been so busy with all the students we have received here at La Herradura. This newsletter therefore will serve as a summary of the highlights for March and April.

But first we want to highlight an award we have recently received and are very proud of. The following text is what is displayed on the certificate which we have hung on the wall with pride.

“We are glad to award Centro de Enseñanza de Español La Herradura Montevideo with the 2019 Excellence Award, as your students rated your overall service as excellent.

Every year LanguageCourse.Net requests evaluations from more than a thousand language course students worldwide in order to honour language schools which provide outstanding services to their clients. As a result of these evaluations LanguageCourse.Net presents an annual Excellence Award to those language schools, which receive the highest customer satisfaction ratings worldwide.”


We are now offering Spanish lessons in the countryside, “el campo” of Uruguay!! This is a new project undertaken by La Herradura which is aimed at immersing students in the beautiful Uruguayan countryside whilst simultaneously learning Spanish.

Students will experience the natural environment of Uruguay by living in the countryside. Here there will be a multitude of things to do including riding, biking, hiking, listening to birds in our small indigenous forest, and finish the day watching the beautiful sunset.

Recently the students of La Herradura accompanied by Mathias, went to the countryside for an unforgettable excursion. The students were treated to a traditional Uruguayan Asado as well as drinks of their choice. The house was located in the heart of the Uruguayan countryside surrounded by nothing more than miles of fields and horses as well as a rustic Uruguayan bar. We got to interact and ride the horses that belong to Margo and Rebecca and we spent the day relaxing in the sun, chatting and appreciating the fact we were completely immersed in nature. To read more about this trip see the article in the link below which leads to the blog of La Herradura:


The students of La Herradura also got the chance to visit the Palacio Legislativo of Montevideo with professor Mathias.

The legislative Palace building is undoubtedly one of the most important examples that the country has, of a beautiful neo-classical architecture, of strong Greek inspiration in the set of its exterior facades. The dazzling design of some of its interior spaces and decoration is also hugely impressive.  

Uruguay, a small country with limited economic resources, but with strong democratic roots, was able to create a public building with characteristics of national monument. For the beauty, the majesty and the nobility of its architecture, and the magnificence of the materials used, it became the most worthy emblem of the ideas it represented. For many years now, as a testimony of an unalterable faith in the principles of representative democracy, the immortal phrase of Artigas before the Congress of the year 1813, “My authority emanates from you and it ceases because of your sovereign presence” presides over the meetings of the Chamber of Deputies, and the General Assembly. The phrase is engraved in Roman letters stuccoed in gold, on a “card” which crowns the platform of the aforementioned room. It was created at the end of the last century and materialized at the beginning of the 20th century, initially through an international architectural project competition, undergoing changes in location, extensions and modifications, and was finally inaugurated on August 25, 1925. Below is a depiction of this magnificent building.

Image result for palacio legislativo montevideo

A first exhibition of the works of Picasso has begun in Uruguay starting in  march 2019 and lasting until the end of June 2019.

The exhibition, which was inaugurated at the MNAV  in parque Rodo, features paintings, sculptures and other works of Picasso for the first time ever. Among the documents that will be displayed, you can see some letters addressed to Torres Garcí. The Picasso exhibition will be presented in Uruguay with curatorship by Emmanuel Guigon, director of the Picasso Museum of Barcelona.

The forty-five works of Pablo Picasso to be exhibited in Montevideo belong mostly to the collection of the Musée national Picasso-Paris and the rest to the Museu Picasso Barcelona. Uruguay is the direct destination of this exhibition, which will remain on display until the end of June.


San Jose:
San José is a department of Uruguay that does not have the fame of the tourist resorts located along the Uruguayan coast, but that, once visited, tourists ask themselves how come I did not know about this place before?

The great attraction of the department is its capital city, San José de Mayo, which has a very rich cultural offer, unknown by many. Several other places worth visiting here include the Boca del Cufré and Kiyú beaches, or the completely natural walks offered by the Camino del Junco and the Totóra.

One of its most impressive attractions is the Theatre Maccio. Don Bartolomé Macció was an Italian businessman who settled in San José in the year 1840 and generated a great fortune. Upon his death, his son-in-law, Rafael Sienra, convinced his widow Doña Filomena Servetto de Macció to build a theatre instead of a funeral monument in his honor, to “perpetuate his memory among the living and not among the dead”.

It was so that on June 5, 1912, this Art Nouveau beauty was inaugurated, which today keeps many original elements, such as the Murano glass chandelier, the red plush curtain and the seats.
The theater, with capacity for 800 people, has received artists of great national and international importance over the years, and one of them was Carlos Gardel, who sang there on October 29, 1933, without knowing that this would be his Last performance in Uruguay.

Another reason not to miss out on visiting this department of Uruguay is its magnificent cathedral. Its construction of took 17 years and was completed in 1874. At first sight it is seen as one of the many churches that we find throughout the country, but there are reasons that make it very particular and worthy of being visited, and they are not just its 8 columns of Carrara marble that line the main entrance.

In one of the towers there is a clock, of Swiss origin,inaugurated in the year 1900, whose spheres were created by the same factory that built those of Big Ben in London. The bells next to the clock, brought from Genoa, can be heard up to 15 kilometers away.

The huge frescoes painted in the 50s on the walls of the cathedral are the work of Italian Lino Dinetto, famous in the Vatican because several of the paintings made in the twentieth century in the Holy See are his work. Many Uruguayans don’t notice the wealth that treasures the walls of the Basilica Cathedral

Image result for catedral basilica san jose
Catedral Basílica de San José es una gran iglesia católica romana situada en el centro de San José. La basílica menor es la catedral de la Diócesis Católica Romana de San José, en California. Foto de archivo - 16284146


We are very grateful to have received such lovely messages from our students after having completed their time here at La Herradura. We have selected a few which you can read below.

Hola Margo y Rebecca,

Esperamos que todo este bien con ustedes y con la escuela.  Despues de terminar clases, fuimos a Jose Ignacio, Aigua, y Colonia, y despues Buenos Aires.  Disfrutamos mucho todos esos lugares.

Les quisieramos mandar nos saludos y buenos deseos.  Echamos de menos a ustedes y los profesores. Por favor mandar nos saludos y buenos deseos a Juan, Maribel, Matias, y Veronica (esperamos que ella tenga buen salud).


Jess & Marcia

Hi Margo!

I had a great experience at Lat Herradura Spanish school and enjoyed my classes with both Maribelle and Juan! Is there a website you prefer me to leave a good review on?



Dear Margo,

Thank you for everything.  It has been a nice experience and I got some basics in Spanish.  Also staying at Angelica has been a pleasure. I can only recommend her place.

All the best.


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