Hola a todos!

Toby here. I hope you are all doing well. I have completed my 8 month marketing internship here at La Herradura and have now returned to England. Although my time at La Herradura has come to an end I shall no doubt be back in Montevideo at some point as I have made many close friends there.

My work has been enjoyable and gone well at La Herradura. I will try to give any prospective intern an insight into what my job entails. I was the marketing intern at La Herradura. In the morning I would take spanish classes to improve my language skills. In the afternoon I would work on marketing La Herradura via any means possible. This included blogging, writing the monthly newsletters, producing videos that displaying the activities, facilities, students, teaching and the City of Montevideo. Another part of my job was managing the schools website through the backend software Joomla as well as producing content for the school’s social media outlets (Facebook, instagram, twitter and Yotube). Overall it was a very useful and I have gained many transferable skills as a result of this internship. I would advise any prospective intern to not hesitate to contact Margo and inquire about any opportunities available.

I have done many things during my time at La Herradura. The great thing about learning Spanish at la Herradura is not only the high quality of intensively focused teaching but also the huge amount of people from all over the world that you get to meet throughout your stay there. The predominant nationalities coming to La Herradura are Brazilians, Germans and Americans however there are lots of students from many other countries attending as well! I was able to travel with my friends who i met in La Herradura to Argentina and throughout Uruguay, visiting places such as Colonia de Sacramento and Piriapolis. Studying at La Herradura means you will never feel short of friends. La Herradura offers its students many activities in around Montevideo as well. Students are able to visit the campo where becky andmargo have a house located in the rural countryside with a dozen or so horses that are waiting to be ridden by the students. The tranquility of this place is amazing and you really feel isolated and in touch with nature. Other activities on offer include visiting the various museums of Montevideo (museum of fine arts, museum of natural history) and historic buildings (palacio legislativo, plaza independencia) and famous neighbourhoods (Barrio prado). There is no shortage of activities for the students and every week there are multiple activities on offer which the students can choose from.

I have achieved a lot and culturally immersed myself throughout my 8 months in South America. I have travelled to Argentina (Buenos Aires, Iguazu), Paraguay (Asuncion) and Colombia (Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, Santa Marta) during my time here. My favourite of these places has to be Colombia due to the vast and diverse culture on offer. I have never seen a population so vibrant and full of energy as that of Colombia. The landscape is also hugely impressive and the beaches that line Cartagena are fabulous. Obviously id advise anyone travelling to Colombia to stick to the tourist areas, especially at night, as being seen as a tourist automatically means that people see you as having a lot of money which could make you a target. However if you act as you normally would using common sense you will be fine.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who I met throughout my travels who welcomed me with open arms and a special thanks to Margo and Beki for going over and above to make me feel incredibly welcome and at home at La Herradura.

Saludos a todos!



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