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Llega el calor a Montevideo y arrancamos con muchas actividades para disfrutar de la ciudad. A los habituales paseos por museos y lugares históricos ahora sumamos visitas y caminatas por los hermosos parques de Montevideo. La rambla enorme de la ciudad nos ofrece naturaleza, buen aire y muchos bares para disfrutar de una cerveza, pescados y los mejores atardeceres. Por la noche asistimos a espectáculos musicales que abundan en Uruguay, especialmente cuando recibimos en la escuela a un gran músico como Jim, que nos hace disfrutar de su música en primera fila. El lunes festejamos el cumpleaños de Wahid, y además de tortas y felicitaciones Jim nos ofreció una versión blusera del “feliz cumpleaños” que todos cantamos con ganas. 

En la tarde/noche del sábado recorrimos los bares y paradores que se pueden encontrar en la rambla a pocos kilómetros del centro. Bares en donde los atardeceres son realmente increíbles. Disfrutamos de una cerveza y contemplamos la naturaleza con la mejor vista al mar. Comienza la gran temporada de primavera/verano y todo en Uruguay florece con generosidad. La playa, la música, la naturaleza, la comida, los paseos, los encuentros, la cultura, es maravilloso todo lo que podemos vivir acá y lo hacemos con ganas. Pasen y vean, vengan y vivan. 

The good weather has arrived in Montevideo and we start with many activities to enjoy the city. To the usual walks through museums and historical places we now add visits and walks through the beautiful parks of Montevideo. The long boulevard, the city offers us nature, good air and many bars to enjoy a beer, fish and the best sunsets. At night we attend musical shows that abound in Uruguay, especially when we receive a great musician like Jim at school, who makes us enjoy his music in the front row. Last Monday we celebrated Wahid’s birthday, and in addition to cakes and congratulations Jim offered us a blues version of the “happy birthday”. In the afternoon / Saturday night we toured the bars and hostels that can be found on the boulevard a few kilometers from downtown. Bars where the sunsets are really amazing. We enjoy a beer and contemplate nature with the best view of the sea. The great spring / summer season begins and everything in Uruguay blooms generously. The beach, music, nature, food, walks, meetings, culture, everything we can live here is wonderful and we do it with desire. Come and see, come and live.


Estás pensando viajar a Uruguay y combinar tu estadía con un curso de español? Lea este artículo de un estudiante de Gran Bretaña que visitó nuestra escuela de español en Montevideo el mes pasado… // Are you planning to travel to Uruguay and combine your stay with attending a Spanish course? Read below an article of a student from the UK, who has visited our Spanish school in Montevideo last month….

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Hola Margo

I hope you are well. I just wanted to send a message to all of you at La Herradura and thank you again for your hospitality during my attendance at the school. Please thank Matias, Mirabel and Juan for me – I really enjoyed their lessons. Also, the trips were a great way of meeting and socialising with new people especially as I was travelling alone.

Within two days of my return to the UK I was waylaid with a bad cold and a nasty cough (probably picked something up on the long flight home) so am only now beginning to feel somewhat better. However, my time in Montevideo and Colonia allowed me to slow down and appreciate the more relaxed lifestyle I encountered and to de-stress. I do think that Uruguay lived up to my expectations and I would like to see more of the country. However, it is a long way to travel and I’m somewhat mindful of the current climate change concerns and my carbon footprint. (How long does it take by boat? he says, jokingly.)

There were still things I didn’t get around to seeing in Montevideo but I think I fitted in quite a lot while, at the same time, trying to just ‘chill’ and live in Montevideo for three weeks. On the final Saturday I walked all the way to Plaza Independencia. I went into that glorious bookshop the other side of the plaza – librería Más Puro Verso – and had lunch upstairs in the restaurant. I was walking back down Avenida 18 de Julio at about 2.30 in the afternoon and noticed that most of the shops were closed – is this normal in Uruguay? It seems strange to a northern European where the shops always appear to be open.

On my last day (Sunday) I spent some time in Parque Rodo – it was a lovely, sunny day and it was nice to see the local people with their friends and family enjoying their leisure time.

I’ve started to look for a Spanish course here in the UK as I really  want to build on what I achieved at La Herradura and the confidence I had to use my Spanish in Montevideo. However, one course I found which would be the right level for me clashes with my work so I’ll carry on looking. 




La feria del libro se celebra en la capital uruguaya desde 1978.  Se ofrece una programación amplia y diversa con actividades culturales, cursos, talleres, recitales de poesía, música y teatro. Vale la pena visitar esta feria para practicar tu español con los uruguayos. Nuestros profesores te pueden recomendar que libro comprar a tu nivel.

The book fair is celebrated in the uruguayan capital since 1978. The program offers a wide range of cultural activities, courses, workshops, poetry, music and theatre. The fair  is worth a visit and a good way to practise your Spanish with the uruguayans. Ask our teachers for recomendations to buy a book at your Spanish level!

La entrada es gratuita y se puede visitar de lunes a sábado hasta las 10 de la noche en la intendencia de Montevideo hasta el 9 de octubree / free entrance and you can visit the fair from Monday until Saturday until 10pm, at the town hall in Montevideo until October 9th.

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Sigue lloviendo en Uruguay,  no se pueden hacer muchas cosas al aire libre, es por eso que recomendamos;

a nuestros estudiantes en Montevideo visitar la exposición “Rocha se Muestra” , de productos artesanales rochenses, y a nuestros estudiantes en Punta del Este, visitar el centro cultural Kalvin, donde podrán disfrutar de exposiciones, música, teatro y disfrutar de un buen café. 

Another rainy day in Uruguay, which doesn´t alow us to participate in open air activities. We recommend;

our students in Montevideo to visit the exhibition “Rocha se Muestra” with hand made products. and our students in Punta del Este to visit the centro cultural Kalvin, where they can visit several exhibitions, music, theatre and a enjoy a good coffee.



Aparte de descansar, hacer las compras, limpiar, ir a la rambla y dormir la siesta en la playa (abajo de una sombrilla), te recomendamos visitar  “Festival Música de la Tierra” si estás en Montevideo y la feria de libro si estás en Punta del Este; “una fiesta para el ojo, el oído y el alma” // Apart from resting, shopping, cleaning, walking along the “rambla” and taking a nap on the beach (under the parasol), we recommend you to visit “Festival Música de la Tierra” in Montevideo or the book fair in Punta del Este ” a celebration for the eye, ear and soul”.

¡Buen fin de semana para todos!

Festival Música de la Tierra      Fería del libro en Punta del Este

You Tube Festival de la Tierra




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