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A group of students from La Herradura attended a tango class, set up by the school, which took place inside the magnificent Palacio Salvo building in the Ciudad Vieja part of Montevideo. Palacio salvo is a grande building that was originally meant to be a hotel but ended up being used for offices and private residences. It was inaugurated in 1928 and until 1935 was the highest building in south America. The site is renown for the tango La Cuparsita, written by Gerardo Rodriguez in 1917. Nowadays there exists the tango museum on the ground floor of the building which displays the history of Uruguayan tango and La Cumparasita.

Although we came there to Tango one of the first things we were told about was that there was a ‘supposed’ phantom that inhabits the Palacio Salvo building. This rumour has somehow managed to maintain itself to this present day. Indeed our professor Juan told us he did not believe in this rumour until there was an American student studying at La Herradura who was staying in the residences of Palacio Salvo. After a few days she came to Juan and claimed something haunted inhabited the building and that she could not stay there any longer. After this strange event our professor Juan became a believer in the supernatural.

The Tango lesson itself was led by a flamboyant middle aged lady. None of us had ever had a tango lesson and in the hour time period which the lesson lasted we attempted to master the basic steps of the tango. Learning the tango however is a bit like learning another language. You need a lot of time and persistence as well as practice to really be able to master it. Although we all enjoyed our lesson and became relatively proficient in the pure basics of the tango, we knew that there would be a long way to go to be able to dance at an acceptable level. Below you can see some photos from our authentic uruguayan tango experience.


Malvin, Punta Gorda y Carrasco, 

Tres barrios muy interesantes para visitar, no son sitios done donde se suela enviar a los viajeros pero tiene sus atractivos: por algo gran parte la gente lo eligen para vivir. ¿Qué tal alquilar una bicicleta para recorrerla? También puedes ir en un bus de línea. Una opción diferente para descubrir la ciudad de Montevideo.  Leer mas

Three very interesting neighborhoods to visit, these parts of the city are not places where you would  usually sent to travelers, but for some reason the people choose these places to live.  How about renting a bicycle to explore yourself? You can also go on a line bus. A different option to discover the city of Montevideo. Read more


Enjoy a short video of Las Llamadas of yesterday evening made by one of our students: La Herradura video

Hoy hay más Llamadas en el Barrio Sur, no te lo pierdas.

Buen fin de semana para todos 



There’s an exciting week in store for the students at La Herradura this week. Along with this week’s planned activities, students can enjoy the interesting festivities happening in Montevideo.

Tonight you can head down to Playa Ramírez to see the ‘Fiesta de Iemanjá, which’s conveniently located a short walk from the school. It is an interesting religious celebration on the beach. Click here for more information in Spanish about the event.

On Thursday and Friday, you can watch the ‘Llamadas‘, which’s an ‘Afro-Uruguayan’ drum procession and is one of the first carnivals of the season. It will be located in the streets of the neighbourhoods ‘Barrio Sur’ and ‘Palermo’ in Montevideo. Get there early in the evening because it’s very popular and the pavements get extremely busy!

Friday, cooking lessons at La Herradura school in Montevideo.


Interested in a different holiday?

Attend a Spanish course during the morning and enjoy Horse riding with a gaucho in the afternoon.

La Herradura offers Spanish lessons in combination with riding lessons or rides (for the experienced riders) at a ranch in Atlantida.

More information

Horse riding lesson 21.01.16

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