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Río Negro es uno de los 19 departamentos que conforman la República Oriental del Uruguay. Su capital es Fray Bentos. La ciudad de Young es considerada la capital agropecuaria del departamento.240px-rio_negro_in_uruguay-svg

Se encuentra en el litoral oeste del territorio, limita al norte con el departamento de Paysandú, con el de Tacuarembó al este, al sudeste con el de Durazno y al sur con el de Soriano. Al oeste limita con Argentina pero está separada por el Río Uruguay. Para ver las cosas que puedes hacer en este departamento haz click aquí.

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Río Negro is a department of the northwestern region of Uruguay. It has an area of 9,282 km2 (3,584 sq mi) and a population of 54,765. Its capital is Fray Bentos. It borders whit Paysandú Department to the north, Tacuarembó Department to the east, Durazno Department to the southeast, Soriano Department to the south and has the Río Uruguay. To now what to do in the department click here.


Esta noche iremos al Teatro Solís con varios de nuestros alumnos a ver tocar a la orquesta filarmonica de Montevideo. Darán un concierto en homenaje al bandoneonista argentino Astor Piazzolla considerado uno de los músicos más importantes del siglo XX. La filarmonica de Montevideo  es una orquesta uruguaya fundada por Carlos Estrada en 1958, con sede en el Teatro Solís de Montevideo. Es considerada una de las orquestas más importantes del país y de Latinoamérica, y ha recibido en años de historia muchos reconocimientos.

Teatro Solis

Tonight we are going to the Teatro Solis with several of our students where the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo will give a concert as a tribute to the Argentinean bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla. He is considered one of the most important musicians of the twentieth century.

Montevideo Philharmonic is a Uruguayan orchestra founded in 1958 by Carlos Estrada. It´s based at the Teatro Solis in Montevideo. It is considered one of the most important orchestras in the country and Latin America, and has received many awards during they history.


Buquebus now offers hop on/hop off bus tours for Montevideo!!   A great activity for all ages!  You can hop off at the different stops and see interesting sites or grab a drink or snack before getting on the next bus.


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Whale watching along the coast of Uruguay is a fantastic excursion in the winter and spring months.  Between August and October whales can be seen from the beaches in Maldonado and Rocha, 2 departments of Uruguay.  What makes whale watching in Uruguay different is that it is not necessary to go out in a boat to see them!  Most of the time the whales can be seen by simply standing along the beach, but some places have viewing platforms or piers so you can have a better view. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

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So watch, enjoy and start dreaming!

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