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It’s a perfect day for the Campo here in Montevideo.  How are you all spending this long weekend?


Most travellers choose to spend a little time exploring the natural delights of South America while they are here, so here are the local words for features of the landscape and countryside places.

el campo = the countryside

un campo = a plot of rural land

un arroyo = creek / brook

una cañada = stream

un bañado = marsh / wetland

un balneario = a bathing resort

unas cataratas = big waterfalls like Iguazú

una cascada / cascadita = small waterfalls

un cerro / una colina = hill

una montaña = mountain

una cordillera = mountain range

el ganado = cattle

una chacra = a small, privately-owned farm

una estancia = a ranch, many of which offer tourist accomodation and activities

un rancho = a small, very rustic building

un monte = a wood / copse

un bosque = a wood

una selva = forest / jungle

Any questions? If you’re not sure about the content of today’s class or have something to add, leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you. Your questions and comments will help other students too. Our Spanish immersion programs at La Herradura in Uruguay and Spain teach you an international form of Spanish, but the teachers are all native speakers and will offer guidance on local expressions and words.

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