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La semana pasada la ciudad disfruto de una gran variedad de música en vivo / Last week the city has enjoyed a wide range of life music

Concientro de Rolling Stones,  un concierto de rock para la historia, leer mas   Mick Jaggar, el cantante disfrutó de una noche de candombe, (Afro-Uruguayan culture).

Espectáculos carnavaleros en el teatro de verano y otros lugares de la ciuad, leer mas

Jazz, folklore, reggae, blues etc. leer mas

En Montevideo siempre hay algo por hacer.

Interested in learning Spanish and learing more about the Candombe and Carnival culture? You can book Spanish lessons in the morning and enjoy drumming and culture lessons / activities in the afternoon, contact us



On Friday night, a large group of La Herradura students walked down to the Barrio Sur/Palermo neighbourhood to watch the ‘Las Llamadas’ carnival. We needed to get to the area in good time to find a spot which would enable us to see the carnival as it travels through because the streets become extremely busy. There was an electric atmosphere as the Uruguayans are passionate about the event and it definitely didn’t lack spectators. Over the already loud atmosphere, we could here the samba drums approaching in the distance and I don’t think that any of us expected the procession to consist of quite so many people. We were able to spend a couple of hours watching thousands upon thousands of drummers, dancers and more, which were dressed in a variety of vibrant interesting clothing.

The event was not only a great way for us to experience Uruguay’s own carnival, we were also able to spend time closely surrounded by the local Uruguayans and see what they like to do at their cultural events. We could also enjoy spending time with each other practising Spanish and getting to know individuals who share  common interests. The evening, of course, ended in true Uruguayan style with all of us students heading to a bar to share some food and drink whilst discussing the carnival. It wasn’t, however, the end of our carnival experience because the whole of February contains many different events around Uruguay and surrounding countries. Click here to see some recommendations of things to see this week.

Click here to see to see some photos taken of the event and click here to see a video.



Another week has flown by at La Herradura and sadly, it’s that time again to say goodbye to some of the students. After this morning’s classes, refreshments were served in the lounge and the students that were leaving received certificates for the course that they had completed along with a La Herradura bottle-opener/fridge-magnet.

It’s now approaching the end of the school day and the students are heading off to have a siesta and/or enjoy today’s amazing weather. Later tonight, a group of the students will meet at the school to go to the ‘Llamadas’, which is Uruguay’s first main carnival of the year and is located in the Barrio Sur and Palermo neighbourhoods. February is carnival season so like it it’s much larger neighbour, Brazil, it has many different carnival events happening all over the country.


There’s an exciting week in store for the students at La Herradura this week. Along with this week’s planned activities, students can enjoy the interesting festivities happening in Montevideo. Click here to see this week’s list of activities.

Tonight you can head down to Playa Ramírez to see the ‘Fiesta de Iemanjá, which’s conveniently located a short walk from the school. It is an interesting religious celebration on the beach. Click here for more information about the event.

On Thursday and Friday, you can watch the ‘Llamadas’, which’s an ‘Afro-Uruguayan’ drum procession and is one of the first carnivals of the season. It will be located in the streets of the neighbourhoods ‘Barrio Sur’ and ‘Palermo’ in Montevideo. Get there early in the evening because it’s very popular and the pavements get extremely busy!



After another fantastic week, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to some students who are either heading home or continuing their Latin-American travels. After this morning’s classes, we all met in the living area for refreshments, group photos, certificates and farewells. Every student receives a certificate for their achievements, a La Herradura badge to remember us with and hopefully some great memories of the school and Montevideo in general!

The weather today and for the coming weekend is set to be fantastic so many people are heading over to Punta del Este and other places on the Uruguayan coast-line. With peak-summer slowly coming to an end and the Carnaval starting-up, many Uruguayans are heading back into the capital city making it become more and more lively. We can all look forward to the ‘Llamadas’ samba drum processions at the end of next week, which’s conveniently located just a short walk from the school!

Click here to see more photos taken on the day.

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