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On Friday night, a large group of La Herradura students walked down to the Barrio Sur/Palermo neighbourhood to watch the ‘Las Llamadas’ carnival. We needed to get to the area in good time to find a spot which would enable us to see the carnival as it travels through because the streets become extremely busy. There was an electric atmosphere as the Uruguayans are passionate about the event and it definitely didn’t lack spectators. Over the already loud atmosphere, we could here the samba drums approaching in the distance and I don’t think that any of us expected the procession to consist of quite so many people. We were able to spend a couple of hours watching thousands upon thousands of drummers, dancers and more, which were dressed in a variety of vibrant interesting clothing.

The event was not only a great way for us to experience Uruguay’s own carnival, we were also able to spend time closely surrounded by the local Uruguayans and see what they like to do at their cultural events. We could also enjoy spending time with each other practising Spanish and getting to know individuals who share  common interests. The evening, of course, ended in true Uruguayan style with all of us students heading to a bar to share some food and drink whilst discussing the carnival. It wasn’t, however, the end of our carnival experience because the whole of February contains many different events around Uruguay and surrounding countries. Click here to see some recommendations of things to see this week.

Click here to see to see some photos taken of the event and click here to see a video.



Another week has flown by at La Herradura and sadly, it’s that time again to say goodbye to some of the students. After this morning’s classes, refreshments were served in the lounge and the students that were leaving received certificates for the course that they had completed along with a La Herradura bottle-opener/fridge-magnet.

It’s now approaching the end of the school day and the students are heading off to have a siesta and/or enjoy today’s amazing weather. Later tonight, a group of the students will meet at the school to go to the ‘Llamadas’, which is Uruguay’s first main carnival of the year and is located in the Barrio Sur and Palermo neighbourhoods. February is carnival season so like it it’s much larger neighbour, Brazil, it has many different carnival events happening all over the country.


The organizers of Montevideo’s annual Carnival celebrations have announced the dates for Carnaval 2011. SO this is the perfect time to take advantage of our special packet, Spanish and Carnival! This is what it’s all about:

Experience the longest Carnival celebrations in the world and perfect your Spanish at the same time, through this special Spanish course! You will study in the mornings and spend the evenings and afternoons going to carnival performances of Candombe, Samba and Murga several days per week. You’ll go to performances at the open air Summer Theatre, as well as rehearsals and parades in the streets. You’ll also go to the Carnival Museum to learn about Carnival’s history and to see vintage photographs, costumes and floats from Carnivals over the years. You’ll have the chance to meet important people in the Montevideo Carnival community and you can even get involved in a Carnival make-up workshop. The Spanish classes cover both grammar and conversation and they are taught entirely in Spanish (the immersion method), according to the method established by the European community. In our experience this maximises the learning experience, allowing students to get the most of their Spanish studies. This program includes two weeks of accommodation with a local family, giving you the perfect opportunity to get to know the Uruguayan lifestyle a little better and accelerate your learning by sharing time and meals with your Uruguayan host family.

You can find out all about our Spanish immersion programs through our website, or e-mail

Find more information about the Spanish and carnival program here.

The important dates for Carnaval 2011 are the following:

  • January 24th: selection of the Carnival Queens and Samba parade
  • January 27th: the inaugural parade
  • February 3rd and 4th: the llamadas candombe drummin parades
  • February 10th: Samba schools parade
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